St Columba's Roman Catholic Church

Berkhamsted Road, Chesham


Welcome to St Columba's

If you’re looking for a friendly and active Catholic community in Chesham, then you’ve come to the right place at St Columba’s.
You’ll find us at the north end of Chesham on the Berkhampstead Road at the bottom of Nashleigh Hill and you are very welcome to join us at our Sunday Mass at 9am or 6pm.

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Parish YouTube Channel

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7th Sunday of Easter - 24/05 Download
Pentecost Sunday - 31/05 Download

We are posting events every day of the week on the parish YouTube channel. To watch any event:
  1. Click on the icon of the church below
  2. This will take you to the parish YouTube channel
  3. Click on the tab labelled Home
  4. Pre-recorded videos (see Mass Times) and past livestreams can be found in the Uploads section.
    Simply click on the thumbnail of the recorded video or past livestream to watch
  5. To find a live event that is in the near future, scroll down to the Upcoming Live Streams section and click on the thumbnail of the desired stream

Messages from Fr Alessandro

Easter Wishes

The time for fear and doubt set aside, we rise with the Lord with renewed vigour and hope to persue desires in the light of the Word of God.
May the risen Lord bless you always!
Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Fr Alessandro
Deacon David
Deacon Peter
PPC and PFC of IHM & St Columba's
and from all Parish Groups' members

Easter Wishes
Pentecost Novenas

Click on the links below to read the Pentecost Novenas from Bishop David Oakley


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